The Sedona Art Center is raising money through artistic creations. Artists from the center have been making ceramic bowls since March, to sell to tourists and residents in Sedona. The center is celebrating 10 years of Loving Bowls which raises money for a variety of charities.

One of the Sedona Art Center's artists, Dennis Ott, says during the year they create anywhere from 1200 to 1500 Loving Bowls. He also says they have a silent auction attached the selling of the bowls, so they raise even more money for the nonprofit organizations.

The four non profit organizations the money goes towards are the arts education program at the center, the humane society, the food bank, and the community center. Loving Bowls are sold for $10 each and the event will be held December 15th from 12-3 P.M. at the Sedona Art Center.